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Story .

Love ? Sometimes can make us smile and sometime can make us crying . I found my love , but i dont trust 100% . Why ? Heh , when i was 13 years old i think i found the perfect guy . I thougt our relationship can last long enough . But , i was fool back there . Funny , that guy that i were hope so much that he love me and i think loyalty to me is cheating on me . Haha , how pathetic right ? He lied to me , he use me and so whateva lah . When i found about it , my heart really crush and i cry everyday . Then oneday , one girl gave me some advice . That , i should be sad about it . I should happy with it . That girl were so kind , she help me a lot :') And , tomorrow , i start a new life . You know what ? Im getting better and everyday i always smile and laughing with my lovely friends . Thanks to them , i was happy enough . Iloveyou guys :') Heh , what a life right ? Haha , i always grateful that i have the right person > family , friends and mylove . Their are my everything . *Sorry kalau english saya tk sempurna :)

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